Design Guidelines Webinar

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A technical webinar for engineers designing parts for laser plastic welding. This webinar will cover the factors that affect plastic welding, material considerations, part design requirements and clamp tooling considerations.

Laser Plastic Welding 101 Webinar

New to laser plastic welding? Start here… Laser plastic welding has been around for over a decade, but with an ever increasing demand for smaller, more intricate and senstive devices, laser plastic welding is growing to become a major player in plastics joining methods. In the webinar below, find out…

Webinar: “Transparent Laser Plastic Welding”

“Transparent Laser Plastic Welding – Bonding of clear polymers without additives” A breakthrough in laser plastic welding technology has opened doors for bonding of transparent polymers. Precision, flexibility and cleanliness already set laser plastic welding apart from other polymer bonding methods, but now the ability to bond clear polymers without…

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